The first website I uploaded to was made by me in 2011. It used a CSS framework called Perkins, made by Chilean developers, and some php code I’d use to write blog posts. Later I dropped that and started using Medium for writing. The combination was very simple and to the point, so I took almost 10 years and lots of attempts to update it. It fell unnecessary…

Until COVID stroke, giving me a little more time, and I read something about how you don’t really own things you write on platforms such as Medium. Thus, I decided to use Hugo to generate a static website.

Hugo is great, it’s easy to use and configure with only a basic understanding of html, git and command line interfaces. Even then, there are lots of third-party options for the uninitiated. With Hugo you basically use a piece of open-sourced GO code to generate static html content, like pages, blog posts, and whatever you want. There’s lots of themes you can use, so you don’t even need to stylize it. You just write you blogpost, generate the html, and upload it to your preferred web hosting provider.

Using Hugo was great, customizing the theme was easy, and I was able to achieve what I wanted pretty quickly. So, finally, this website gets an update. I’ll migrate all my posts from medium and maybe post some unpublished content. I have no idea who even visits this, but at least I have an excuse to do something with some discipline, like writing, and playing around with technology.

Next challenge for myself: Upload the unnecessary analysis of world-wide earthquake data for the past 120 years. For example, the “amazing” and “shocking” fact of how earthquakes times of day are uniformly distributed.